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Regularly visit

After the acceptance of the project, regular tracking and return visit to usage, timely understand the existing problems, and at any time and give the solution.send technical personnel to the scene to solve problems When necessary.According to regularly review the information obtained at a time,Establishing the operation on file checking and scanning whether running correctly,Timely response to customer feedback.

Telephone and Fax

The phone is fastest response mode of remote service.After the user made a request,Simpeel technical staff can make a first response,knowing the user's requirements in time and can quickly make corresponding processing according to the circumstance until the service compelete.

Online services

Simpeel provides a more convenient and complete online service.You only need to access company website ( ,online technical services staff answer all your questions

7*24Hours service

working hours: Monday to Friday(Not include Holiday)Simpeel provides our client with 7 x 24 hours service

service target

  • Make sure your sales and after-sales service the rational use of resources have been the most fully the most comprehensive so as to achieve to the effect of optimization;
  • To minimize the human resources management;
  • Guaranteed income and growth;
  • Ensure investment income growth;
  • Helping you to identify potential problems and take the best response;
  • Reduce the potential customers friction problems;
  • Make sure that you can hold as much as possible in the current customer base of potential business opportunities;
  • Authorize your staff who can provide better services to the customers;
  • Rapidly improve the production efficiency and promote staff during normal working hours to complete more work.

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