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  • I had been a beauty product suppliers for couple of years, and felt like to expend my business to online retail. I had great and large amount of resource and products, excepting a platform to show my products. Simpeel built a multi-function e-commerce website, including unlimited products, a secure shopping cart, up to date status tracking, blog, SEO, inventory management, and more. I felt the website and Simpeel shows me the right direction to expend my business online.

  • I think data is more persuasive than any words. My website was completed on November, 2013. During the whole year of 2014, I had $50,0000 gross income, over 9,000 orders, and more than 7,500 more new customer registrations.

  • We chose Simpeel to create a E-commerce website for our online florist store. We were so satisfied with the overall website so we decided to let Simpeel handle our marketing part. Simpeel proposed several methods of marketing our brand and website including social media, mobile media, online advertisement, traditional media, and local market promotion. We chose Wechat and local market out of them as start and it turns out to be a great success. Even we posted our first Wechat news on Christmas Eve, we still received more than $2000 during Christmas holiday. We will continue working with Simpeel!

  • I had the idea of making a user-friendly system for my logistics company for a long time. Simpeel gave me a very attractive proposal at a reasonable price. Since I'm not a IT person, my ideas are not professional sometimes. But Simpeel programmers always discuss with me with great patient, making sure my requirements all gets fulfilled. The system gets more and more user-friendly, improves our working efficiency, and make my whole company more organized.

  • 我们那是还像在石器时代使用Excel和Word更新我们的数据库,直到simpeel走了进来,安装他们的CRM到我们的办公室,现在的工有效多了。

  • 我拥有一家本地的商店,但前些年生意都不太理想。Simpeel 公司的kenneth那天介绍simpeel 的电商解决方案给我,我的销售额翻了5倍。谢谢你们!干得漂亮!

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Our clients various from small local stores to international enterprises. No businesses is considered too small. Simpeel has been developing beautiful and smart websites to more than 150 customers.Every project is unique and we ensure that each one accomplishes the goals you have for your business.
Not just a pretty website design.Our websites are useful, scalable and developed to help your business reach its full potential.

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