Looking for a Virtual Private Server? Our virtual server nodes are built with enterprise
    hardware and never oversold.

PlanRAMProcessorDiskTransferMonthly Price
VPS-I 1GB 1 CPU Core 20GB 5TB$15
VPS-II 2GB 2 CPU Core 30GB 6TB$30
VPS-III 3GB 3 CPU Core 40GB 7TB$40
VPS-IV 4GB 4 CPU Core 50GB 8TB$50
VPS-V 5GB 5 CPU Core 60GB 9TB$60
VPS-VI 6GB 6 CPU Core 70GB 10TB$70
VPS-VII 7GB 7 CPU Core 80GB 11TB$80
VPS-VIII 8GB 8 CPU Core 90GB 12TB$90
5 Additional IPs - $10/Month 12 Month Prepaid – 10% Discount! Basic Support – Free
WHM / Cpanel – $20/Month 24 Month Prepaid – 15% Discount! Professional Plan – $100/Month

Advanced Virtualization Technology

Virtual server platform for multiple virtual machines can be equipped with the performance of the entire cluster system. All virtual machines to monitor and manage, and flexible resource. Allocation and scheduling resource pool based on actual usage.

Low cost, High performance

Cloud computing hosts are Fast, Reliable, and more Efficient to meet the needs of a variety of Internet applications. It offers a free daily backups, backup usually no additional investment cost.

Brand hardware protection of data more secure.

Cloud Hosting DELL products are high with enterprise-class server, ensure data using SAS hard disk read and write speed and superior stability.

Felixible configuration on demand

Host Configuration flexibility to upgrade, you can adjust the resources allocated based on the actual operational requirements.

Unique IP

Completely independent IP address, without interference of any other IP. More conducive to SEO, more secure.

Root Privileges

Full root access, more convenient, more complete and more secure.

  • Available in our facilities located in

    New York, NY, Secaucus, NJ, USA
    Hong Kong, Bei Jing, Shang Hai
    and Shenzhen, China

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